Inside Michael's Santa Monica

MICHAEL'S Santa Monica Celebrates 30 Years
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MICHAEL'S Celebrates 25 Years in Santa Monica
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Mike with noted architect David O'Malley   Charlotte McCarty, Patty Degranmont, Sarah Pillsbuy, Cliff Wright, and Robert Berman
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Mike with restaurateur Bruce Marder   Mike with father-in-law Ken Lieberman
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Vidal Sassoon, wife Ronnie, Hunter and David   Eric Roth, screenwriter of "Forrest Gump," and wife Debra Greenfield
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Mike with Mark Goldfarb   Chef Alain Giraud and family
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Restaurant columnist George Christy   Noted philanthropist Roy Diener
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Mike with music producer Peter Asher   Mike with famous artist Miriam Wosk
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Longtime Michael's regulars Fred Roberts and Larry Fields   Mike with Jerry Casale, original member of Devo
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Sammy Choi and Morgan McBain from Otis School of Design   Mike with renowned artist Ed Moses
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Kim and Michael with artist extraordinaire Robert Graham   The McCartys with Luanne and Tony Quinn
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Noted restaurant columnist Jay Weston   The Fabulous McCarty Family
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Mark Goldfarb with former catering director Kristin Gillespie and head hostess Sarah Evans.   Michael with famed wine expert Robert Lawrence Balzer