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An Evening at Michael's

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The Gallery @ Michael's is pleased to present a special evening with a tasting menu by Chef Miles Thompson alongside a site specific performance by artists Kathleen Kim and Helga Fassonaki. Frequent collaborators, they will present a live experiment of sound and movement incorporating violin, voice, effects, movement and more. 

Fassonaki and Kim recently collaborated on Dawn Kasper's Nomadic Studio during the opening of the 2017 Venice Biennale. Fassonaki is a Los Angeles based visual and sound artist. Her solo performance project yek koo transverses the visual and poetic, through the exploration of space, body, amplified voice, breath, horn and rhythm, revealing the harmony and tension between sound, and physical space and matter.  Kim is an experimental musician, composer and a tenured immigrants' law professor, with a background in improv, avant jazz and classical theories, who primarily uses extended violin and voice to create sound experiences that provoke shared human emotions and experiences. 

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